YDA demands comprehensive security plan


Peshawar: Young Doctors Association (YDA) has demanded of the provincial government to devise a comprehensive security plan for protection of doctors’ community across the province.

Addressing at press conference at press club here on Thursday, YDA Khyber Teaching Hospital President, Dr Ghaffar Shah said the situation is still quite precarious over the fragile security in Khyber Pakthunkhwa. He said incidents of targeted killings are great testimony for poor law and order conditions as front-line province in the ongoing war against terrorism. Despite the fact, he said that doctors’ community had continued their services despite all odds.

Flanked by Dr Gul Noor Afridi, Dr Abu Bakar, Dr Aftab, Dr Sajid, he said the terrorists are changed their tactical approaches over past one and half year, by focusing on soft target and innocent people, like lawyers, doctors, students, teachers, etc. He said the target killing of Dr Daud is glaring example of the poor security arrangements the community, and demanding of the provincial government to conduct a judicial inquiry into the incident.

Dr Ghaffar suggested the provincial government should devise an organised and comprehensive security plan for doctors’ community across the province. He also raised the issue of Health Professional Allowance (HPA) for doctors of Medical Teaching Institute (MTI), which should be extended to them, like availed by members of community in Federally Administered Tribal Areas.

YDA said the doctors community should not be made ‘scapegoat’ in the transgender, Alisha murder case, and demanded that the justice must be delivered to the community. He vowed the doctors’ community would continue their services despite unfavorable conditions in the province.

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