Tuesday, January 31

124 quack clinics sealed off in Sindh

KARACHI: Anti-Quackery Directorate of Sindh Healthcare Commission (SHCC) has accelerated its crackdown against the violators of health practices and re-sealed 71 clinics of quacks who challenged the writ of law.

The Directorate received complaints against the violators who challenged the writ of Law, illegally broke the government seals in their clinics and continued the quackery practices at unauthorized clinics.

Yaseen Veesar, Director Anti-Quackery, designated special unit for follow-up and immediate actions against the violators in all six divisions of Sindh to re-seal the healthcare establishments of reported quacks.

In August, 124 more clinics of unqualified healthcare providers were sealed on account of practicing quackery across Sindh. The Commission has successfully sealed 5,370 clinics of unqualified practitioners since its establishment.