Mayor Karachi Barrister Murtaza Wahab said that during the Eid days, 146,584 tons of offal and garbage were collected through 99 collection points. This operation successfully concluded over five days. Following the budget meeting, municipal staff and sanitary workers will be invited to the City Council, where I and the elected representatives will honor them. Despite the extreme heat, sanitary workers performed excellently, cleaning the city of remains of sacrificial animals and garbage. After the cleanup, the next major challenge is the rains, for which all preparations have been completed. Post-rain, focus will shift to development work and completing ongoing projects.

He expressed these views on Thursday while addressing a crowded press conference at the KMC head office. Deputy Mayor Karachi Salman Abdullah Murad, Deputy Parliamentary Leader in the city council Dil Muhammad, Jumman Darwan, Mayor Karachi’s Political Affairs Spokesman Karamullah Waqasi, Managing Director Sindh Solid Waste Management Board Syed Imtiaz Shah, various UC chairmen and local leaders, were also present on this occasion. Mayor Karachi noted that despite facing difficulties in the old city area, diligent efforts ensured the operation was uniformly conducted across all 25 towns. Trenches were dug for the disposal of waste. 83,521 tons were buried in Jam Chakro and in Gond Pass 46,907 tons and in Sharafi Goth 16,156 tons.

“Town chairmen were on the ground, and I wish to thank them for establishing a commendable tradition. Alongside the entire solid waste team, elected municipal representatives were on the streets, managing the situation. Our political workers also played a role in keeping the city clean. Mistakes made will be learned from, and any shortcomings will not be repeated next year”, he said adding that daily lime powder sprinkling, chlorine cleaning, and rose water spraying were conducted at all collection points, which is first time in Karachi’s history.

Wahab mentioned that after a long period, KMC itself is undertaking the cleaning of drains, with tenders to be issued in a day or two. All city choking points have been cleared, and machinery is ready to address the rain challenge. According to the meteorological department, a spell of rain is expected to start on June 27 and 28. Yesterday marked our one-year completion, during which we have begun addressing Karachi Metropolitan Corporation’s issues. I meet dozens of UC chairmen daily to tackle basic problems.

“Union Councils will now have twelve lakh rupees instead of five lakhs, enabling them to carry out essential works in their areas. For the K-4 project, I urge the federal government and the Prime Minister to resolve this issue promptly. In response to a question, the mayor acknowledged the water shortage in Central District due to a reservoir leakage on University Road, causing significant water loss. Fixing this leakage requires 36 hours, with work starting on June 22. Projects to bring additional water to the city will be initiated, and I request the Prime Minister to expedite the necessary ECNEC approval for the K-4 project”, said the mayor