21 corona patients die in last 24 hours in Punjab


LAHORE:Special Assistance to Chief Minister Punjab, Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan bashed the opposition and said the ‘gang’ of PDM did not hold themselves back to do political point scoring on Mach tragedy. They are merciless people who don’t not care for humanity. The princess and the prince, instead of grieving during their recent visit to Quetta, were remained busy in doing politics.

The Mach tragedy is unfortunate and all the sympathies of the government and the nation are with bereaved heirs of Hazara Community. The government will not leave the affected families of Hazara community alone in their trying time. Opposition’s efforts to gain political mileage from Mach tragedy, after corona, reflect their cheap mentality and these elements have faced defeat once again. She stressed that PDM is fully involved in spreading of Covid-19.

Awan said that number of corona patients in Punjab has reached to 144,111 as 600 new corona patients have been reported in last 24 hours. In Punjab the death toll has reached to 4,242, she added 21 corona patients have been died in last 24 hours. 2,581,317 corona tests have so far been conducted in Punjab including 15,438 during the last 24 hours.