The Punjab Police have devised a comprehensive security plan to ensure a peaceful Eidul Azha throughout the province.

The plan involves deploying approximately 40,000 police personnel at 26,500 mosques and imambargahs as well as 900 open Eid gatherings, according to Dr Usman Anwar, the Punjab Police chief.

In Lahore alone, around 6,000 policemen will be assigned to secure over 5,000 Eid prayer gatherings. Additionally, 498 special police personnel and 260 Quick Response Force (QRF) teams will be deployed for enhanced security.

Snipers and commandos dressed in plainclothes will be stationed on rooftops of the mosques and imambargahs.

Anwar mentioned that 3,000 personnel were dedicated to securing 227 cattle markets. He emphasised the implementation of Home Department’s SOPs for the collection of sacrificial skins. The IGP stressed the need for enhancing the monitoring of banned organisations and individuals listed in the Fourth Schedule.

Furthermore, additional personnel have also been directed to ensure security at parks and recreational areas during the Eid holidays.