About 500 poor rain victims provided medical facilities at Gulan Jeho village

Naundero: In view of the rapid spread of malaria, dengue, gastroenteritis and skin diseases after the heavy rains and flash floods in Sindh and the lack of medicine, the social organization Help International Welfare Trust, with the cooperation of young social leaders Khalilullah Manganijo, Fayyaz Abro, Imran Kalhoro, Liaquat Abro and Dr. Imran Qazi organized a free medical camp in the village Gulan Jeho, near here on Thursday where more than 500 patients from different villages including Gulan Jehu, Chambh Jeho, Fateh Shah and others were examined and provided free medicines to avoid malaria, gastroenteritis and skin diseases.

The social leaders and doctors said that there is a shortage of medicine and treatment has become expensive, so they have camped to provide treatment facilities to the rain-affected people of these areas, where about 500 patients were examined.

The social workers said that it has been felt that there are many patients and less medicines here, the government should send mobile teams of doctors to provide treatment facilities to the villagers on a permanent basis. They said that we are trying our best to provide free medical treatment facilities to as many patients as possible.

On that occasion, the villagers Abdul Haq Jeho, Raza Muhammad, Bakhshal, Gadda Hussain, Riaz Hussain, Abdul Razzaq Jeho and others said that almost all the houses of the village have collapsed due to the monsoon rains and all the villagers have been very badly affected, but UC Chairman Mumtaz Chahwan did not even asked about the damages not to talk of our wellbeing.

They alleged that we were not given anything including tents and rations or any other relief goods which is highly troublesome for poverty-stricken families.

They said that due to the spread of chronic diseases, the women, children, elderly people of the village have been deprived of treatment which is inhuman as if we are not human beings. The villagers demanded that the government should provide free treatment facilities at the earliest so that the villagers can avoid becoming victims of death. Social worker Fayaz Abro said that there were three cases of Thalassemia among the patients as well.

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