Abu Samad Tunio villagers urge for ration and medical assistance

Larkana: The stagnant rainwater could not be drained out of the ancient village of Abu Samad Tunio located near Mohenjo Daro, despite passage of over one month, while more than one hundred houses have come under the rainwater. And 70% of the houses have been destroyed. PPI received complaints here on Sunday.

The rainwater inside the houses and the dirty water of the drains have not been drained yet, while the affected villagers are sitting in their houses under the open sky.

Worst affected are the small children, women and men who have been suffering from gastroenteritis and other diseases, but no medical camp has been set up by the health department while the elected representatives and the administration have completely disappeared, villagers alleged.

Taufique Tunio, Tahir Tunio, Iqbal Shaikh and other villagers spoke to the media and said that our houses have been destroyed but no one has taken the pain to pay a visit to see whether we are alive or dead. They said that the rain water is standing around the village because of which we cannot even go out of our houses.

They said that we and innocent children have been suffering from various diseases due to highly contaminated, dirty and arsenic water having a very bad smell, but no official medical camp has been set up in the village till this time.

They said that due to the dirty water, our cattle have also died and we have also been forced to starve ourselves, but the elected representatives and the district government officials are not taking care of us.

They said the representatives were coming to us to get votes, but now they too have disappeared as if they don’t require our votes in the upcoming general election. They said that in this difficult time, the elected representatives and the district administration should have taken care of us but they are sitting in their air-conditioned offices and bungalows at home without providing us food or ration.

They appealed to the relevant Sindh government authorities to help the poor flood victims in this difficult time without loss of further time and fulfill their legal and moral duties. MNA Khurshid Junejo and MPA Hezbollah Bughio have been elected from the area on PPP ticket.