Acute irrigation water shortage hits Sindh’s Lar Belt


SUJAWAL:Acute irrigation water shortage has hit Lar Belt of Sindh, drying thousands of acres of standing crops and causing losses to farmers, PPI learnt Friday.

The affected areas of the belt include Sujawal, Malikani Sharif, Garho and Kaloi. Matla Minor of Sujawal Taluka is without water since the last five months. Landowners have made repeated protests against the irrigation department for water provision but no heed has yet been paid in this regard.

Hundreds of acres of fertile land have become barren in the area as no sowing could be made in Khazano and Sakpur dehs, causing huge losses to landowners and farmers.

In Sub-division Khairpur Gamboh; Jarks, Khoski, Bangaar, Aailpur, and Bago Minors are facing acute water shortage as water is being provided to the growers on rotation basis.

The Maleriri Minor of Ghorabari at its tail-end could not get water for the last six months. The minors of Garho and Kaloi are also facing acute water shortage as result crops are drying.

Under a well-thought-out conspiracy, the farmland is being degraded and made barren while the farmers are being economically enslaved so that they could be forced to migrate to other areas and land could be purchased on throw-away prices.

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