Administrator Karachi inaugurates Vascular Surgery Department

KARACHI: Administrator Karachi Dr. Syed Saifur Rahman has said that one out of every fifth person who dies in the world has kidney disease, the tragedy is that kidney patients seek treatment from semi-hakim or attai doctors and when they refer for proper treatment at that time, the kidneys are only functioning at 10%, so they go on dialysis.

He said this while addressing the ceremony organized on the occasion of the inauguration of Vascular Surgery Department in Karachi Institute of Kidney Disease on Wednesday, on the occasion of the World Kidney Day. President Karachi Institute of Kidney Disease Association Masood Nawab, Karachi Medical and Dental College Professor Dr. Nargis Anjum, Senior Director Medical and Health Services Dr. Nadeem Asif and others were also present.

Earlier, Administrator Karachi inaugurated the Vascular Surgery Department at Karachi Institute of Kidney Diseases and inspected the modern facilities provided here.

Rahman said that the health sector needs a large-scale improvement for which a strategy has to be adopted in the light of modern research. Karachi Institute of Kidney Diseases is providing excellent services to patients suffering from kidney diseases and here apart from Karachi, patients from inside Sindh and Balochistan also come here for dialysis and treatment of kidney diseases, he said that besides the treatment we also need to take steps to prevent kidney disease.

One can be protected from kidney diseases by adopting better lifestyle and dietary habits, he said that Karachi Institute of Kidney Diseases has urology and lithotripsy department apart from ICU, laboratory and ultrasound clinic facilities, while now here a vascular surgery department has also been established which will provide more convenience to the patients coming here.

He said that the treatment of kidney diseases is very expensive and not everyone can afford it. The good thing is that this institution is providing kidney disease treatment and dialysis facilities to the poor and middle-class people. Efforts are being made to improve this hospital so that the people of the area can get convenience.

Speaking at the event, Masood Nawab, president of Karachi Institute of Kidney Diseases Association, said that it is a good thing to serve the suffering humanity and this work is done by those people whom Allah Almighty gives them courage for this, we have to educate people and work in health and education sectors. We have to run our medical institutions on modern lines and equip them with such facilities that more people can benefit from them, Principal Karachi Medical and Dental College Professor Dr. Nargis Anjum said that kidney health is very important for the human body.

Every tenth person in our country has blood pressure, diabetes is also becoming common, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent these diseases, besides this, kidney test should also be done. It is especially important to undergo medical examination of the factory workers, he said that the Karachi Institute of Kidney Diseases is providing the best medical facilities to the citizens and now more modern machinery and facilities have been provided here.