Aitzaz warns whoever disobeys Supreme Court will be disqualified

LAHORE:Noted lawyer Aitzaz Ahsan said on Tuesday that whoever disobeyed the Supreme Court order to hold elections on May 14 would be disqualified.

Speaking to media outside the Lahore High Court, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Aitzaz said it was argued that the elections must be held in the whole country the same day. If so, then dissolve the National Assembly, he added.

The incumbent rulers have taken every step to avoid elections. They registered 140 cases against Imran Khan after regime change, he continued. Criticizing the rulers, he said if you want to make someone invincible, register cases against him. They have made him [Imran] a deity, he maintained.

Aitzaz said there?s nothing to be afraid of Imran. He had to contest elections. ?I know he will commit mistakes. He?s not so strong, but they are making him strong,? he quipped.

They are increasing the political stature of Imran by registering cases against him. He is not invincible, they are making him invincible. He said doctrine of necessity had ruined Pakistan. We have to discard this doctrine. On one side is the doctrine of necessity, and on the other is Umar Atta Bandial.

The senior lawyer said if the argument of delaying election beyond 90 days is accepted, no one would allow elections to be held in the country.