Alight Produces Youth-led Radio Lessons To Bridge the Gap Between the Education Divide for Underserved Pakistani Children During Pandemic

Nonprofit Organization Working with Local Leaders to Develop Accessible Grassroots Education Programming

MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Many children around the world utilize high-tech devices as educational tools when they’re unable to attend class. However, children who don’t have access to this technology are often overlooked, leaving an already disadvantaged population even further behind due to COVID-19. Seeking a solution, global nonprofit organization, Alight, in collaboration with local educators and pillars in the community, is helping take education to the airwaves to bridge the gap between knowledge and accessibility across regions in Pakistan.

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Collectively, the teams have developed a unique peer-to-peer education experience through radio segments that have a culturally relevant undertone and are hosted by students themselves. Alight has produced these programs, bringing curriculum to students unable to attend school during lockdown or access other education tools due to lack of resources.

“With one of the world’s highest populations of out-of-school children at 5.6 million, Alight’s work in Pakistan is designed around one guiding principle – boosting the potential of Pakistan’s next generation,” says Daniel Wordsworth, Alight CEO. “We are focused on removing barriers to education, so families are able to send their children – and particularly the female population – back to school.”

While the use of technology has enabled Alight to be on the cutting edge of humanitarian responses in so many ways, during these uncertain times they have found “old school” solutions, including radio, television and socially distanced, outdoor town square lessons, to be the greatest resources. For example, across the board, radio’s accessibility provides expansive reach and support to families and children that are often overlooked in migrant populations and in remote locations.

“Radio has been used as one of the most effective mediums of teaching the children, particularly during disasters, in Pakistan,” says Dr. Tariq Cheema, Alight Program Director in Pakistan. “Peer education methods help in improved results, progression, retention and improved peer support across diverse groups.”

The education programming has also opened the door to disseminating basic health and wellness messaging around cleanliness, nutrition, and a balanced diet. Teaching kids and families alike proper hand-washing, how to maintain physical distance, and the importance of wearing face masks in public places, creating vital awareness to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

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