Arts Council of Pakistan takes initiative to revive faculty and reconstruct existing old block of Arts Council Institute of Arts And Crafts

Karachi, March 14, 2018 (PPI-OT):Arts Council of Pakistan has taken an initiative of the investment of 5 Crore PKR on the Revival of Faculty and Reconstruction of the existing old block of Arts Council Institute of Arts And Crafts. A hundred students will be given complete scholarship by spending 10 Lacs PKR monthly. Institute will consist of 12 categories and within 1 year they will convert this school into a university. The board has been started under the leadership of Dr. Ishrat Hussain who will look after the finance and management of this institute.

This idea has been presented by President Ahmed Shah to the public on Wednesday 14th March 2018 at Manzar Akbar Hall of Arts Council accompanied by legend Anwar Maqsood and Principal of Arts School, Shahid Rassam. Moreover, he said that Fine Arts is the basic responsibility of arts council but it has not been under consideration in past as other categories have been. This institution has been established in 1964 while Azhar Zubi was the principal of this institute and since that day this institute had not been able to grow due to the interference of few corrupts.

After many struggles and attendances in court, this institute came into existence and Shahid Rassam was elected as a principal. The existing Old Block of Arts Council has been chosen for the construction of this institution and work on the structure of the institute has begun. Ahmed Shah said that the categories of this institution will be Fine Arts, Music, Painting, Dancing, Theater, Filmmaking and many more.

To avoid the interference of any unauthorized personnel, Dr. Ishrat Hussain and the overall Board will look after it, the board includes Anwar Maqsood, Noorjahan Bilgrami, Noman Ansari and other renown personalities. Ahmed Shah continued by saying that 100 unprivileged students will be given the scholarship in this institute and this count will increase by the time.

It is expected that within one year we will be able to meet the expectations of Higher Education Commission and this institute will be transferred into a university, He said that Youth Festival has been beneficial for us in a way that we met many willing, Talented and underprivileged youngsters. There are many students in uncivilized areas who are willingly talented but do not have sources to join institutes but now those students won’t have to struggle to get the knowledge as the Arts Council Board consists of many personalities like Ishrat Hussain.

On this Occasion Anwar Maqsood appreciated the initiative that arts council of Pakistan has taken, he says that the establishment of this block is not to be taken lightly, he declaims that Arts Council is a place for educated people and Today’s Initiative has proved the hard works that Ahmed Shah as the president of Arts Council did for the betterment of Arts Council and if he had not been working then I would have also protested with media in front of arts council and, if I m not doing that then it means that work is being done at Arts council. Shahid Rassam while briefing to the media said that the talented artists of Pakistan and other countries will be given the privilege to join our faculty.

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