ATM facility in HBL Harnai still non-operational

HARNAI: ATM facility in the branch of Habib Bank Limited, Harnai has not been operationalised despite lapse of seven months, causing thereby hardships for employees and business community of Harnai city.

It was stated by Muhammad Abbas Murgzani, Deputy Press Secretary, All Mulazmeen Ittehad, Harnai in a statement issued here on Thursday. Demanding the higher authorities of Habib Bank Limited to restore the services of automated teller machine (ATM), Habib Bank Limited, Harnai, he said that dysfunctional ATM of the branch had compelled government employees and business community, having bank accounts in the branch, to stand in long queues for drawal of salaries and amount, over loading thereby work of the staff serving in Habib Bank Limited, Harnai. He demanded of the higher authorities to functionalise the dysfunctional ATM of HBL, Harnai.