Bandits loot Rs27,900 pension money for retired cop


LARKANA:A retired cop was deprived of his monthly pension amount by two armed robbers riding a bike within the limits of Civil Lines Police Station amid a complete lockdown on VIP Road in the city on Monday.

According to sources, retired policeman Deedar Ali Magsi was returning to his home located on Bakrani Road after withdrawing his pension money of Rs27,900 from National Bank’s main branch when two armed bikers intercepted him on VIP Road and snatched the money from him.

He told newsmen that after looting, the criminals fled without any fear of law and nobody came to help him despite the fact that he raised hue and cry. The affected retired cop is disabled as he has only one eye. He said that when entire city is locked down, how criminals are committing crime openly and daringly despite deployment of so many cops on all roads during day time. He demanded of higher police authorities to take notice of the issue and get him back entire looted pension amount.