Bilawal demands immediate withdrawal of Ordinance encroaching islands


KARACHI:Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has asked the federal government to withdraw forthwith the Presidential Ordinance encroaching islands illegally and unconstitutionally, warning that there would be no more talks with the selected regime over the issue.

Addressing a press conference at Media Cell Bilawal House here on Friday, the PPP chairman said that issuing ordinances in the middle of night to encroach upon the islands could be repeated for the cities too, hence, an strong resistance has to be mounted against such unconstitutional and illegal ordinances of the selected regime.

“We had not even imagined that the federal government will issue such an ordinance in the middle of night as no Pakistani can tolerate that islands of Sindh and Balochistan would be encroached upon through Presidential Ordinances,” he stated adding that entire nation had strongly condemned such insulting and unconstitutional ordinances thus the same should be taken back without any delay by admitting mistake.

He pointed out that a cricketer when made Prime Minister won’t know how much damage is inflicted on the federal system through such ugly and unconstitutional acts and pledged that every inch of the land of every province will be protected against any illegal and unconstitutional encroachment.

The PPP chairman made it clear that Pakistan cannot afford to bear the burden of the selected regime any more adding that time has come where now it is the turn of Imran Ahmed Niazi to get scared for he has brought everything to the verge of destruction.

Bilawal said that national institutions should not be made controversial by using them for political interests and goals adding that Pakistan Army is not a party but an institution of the entire nation. “It should not be stated that looking into corruption is Army’s duty nor should any politician claim that Army is with or behind him,” he added.

PPP Chairman said that our failures on internal as well as external forums were due to the fact that an incompetent, incapable and selected Prime Minister is imposed upon the country who has no mental or political capacity to sort out the national issues.

He further said that reverse counting of the selected government has begun as the people of Pakistan are pressurizing the PDM to go into protests and get rid of the selected regime which has made the life of common man miserable. The selected regime has intensified political victimization as Opposition leaders and the elected Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir were booked on sedition charges. Gas, electricity, wheat and sugar prices are touching new highs while load-shedding of both electricity and gas have become unbearable, he added.

Bilawal said that PPP stands by its stance against the current selected government and its facilitators as Party continues its struggle for restoration of true democracy and people’s mandate because the people have a stake in the democratic government where their voice is heard. But this regime has gagged people’s voice and converted the Parliament into a rubber-stamp where the Speaker has adopted a dictatorial attitude, he added.

The PPP chairman hoped that elections in Gilgit-Baltistan would be held free and fair and if any rigging was committed then the selected government and its facilitators would have to bear the brunt of repercussions. “Any robbery on the people’s mandate will not be tolerated,” he vowed.

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