Shell Rimula celebrates hard working truckers and farmers

KARACHI: Shell Rimula – the premium heavy duty engine oil launched a new campaign, “What Matters is Inside”. The campaign portrays the daily toils of Pakistani truck-drivers, and farmers emphasizing their tireless efforts put in each day to achieve their goals and

HRCP demands free and fair elections on schedule

KARACHI: Given the vicissitudes of Pakistan’s political situation, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) demands that free and fair elections be held as scheduled this year. In a statement issued following its 32nd Annual General Meeting, HRCP has reiterated the importance

SHC orders probe into Hindu boy’s sexual assault

Karachi:Sindh High Court (SHC) on Saturday was informed by the police that a Hindu teenage boy was sexually assaulted some two and a half years ago and three suspects, including the prime one, had been arrested. SHC Chief Justice Ahmed Ali M

Pakistan’s economy is set to surpass last year’s growth rate

KARACHI: Pakistan’s economy is set to surpass last year’s growth rate, with continued strong performances by agriculture and services, and a four-year record high large-scale manufacturing growth during the first half of FY18. Inflation and the fiscal deficit were both contained, whereas

PTDC:(Pakistan, Tajikistan agree to promote tourism)

Islamabad:Pakistan and Tajikistan have agreed to establish a working group to strengthen tourism relations between the two countries. This was agreed during a meeting of a delegation of Tajikistan’s National Tourism Institute and Pakistan Tourism development Corporation held in Islamabad on Saturday.

Dismal healthcare constitutional negligence of rulers

KARACHI: Dismal healthcare in Pakistan is the result of the negligence of rulers towards their constitutional responsibilities to ensure proper medical care of citizens, said Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor. In a statement here Saturday on the occasion of the World