HYDERABAD:A ceremony was held at Sindh University’s Department of Media and Communication Studies in collaboration with Pakistan Peace Collective, Government of Pakistan wherein as many as 30 male and female students were given away the participation certificates on the successful completion of a three-day training workshop here on Tuesday.

The certificate distribution ceremony was chaired by the chairman of the department Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Qureshi which was attended by the faculty members Jan e Alam Solangi, Muhammad Siddique Soomro, Liaquat Umrani, Zulfi Panhwar, Wajahat Shah, Dr Shazia Sheikh, Nadir Ali Mugheri and others.

The chairman Dr Qureshi distributed certificates among 30 male and female students of the department who completed their training workshop successfully. The ceremony began with the recitation of the Holy Quran, which was graced by the student Asadullah Ansari; however, another young talent of the media and communication studies Zaryab Khan hosted the program.

Addressing the ceremony, Dr Zulfiqar Ali Qureshi said that the students must acquire skills in their concerned fields of higher education and that could lead them to success in the career. “Success is not possible without skills, I believe,” he established.

He said that a number of training opportunities were being provided to the students of Media and Communication Studies so that they might succeed in the practical field. He further said that the role of Media and Communication Studies could not be ignored in the society for its construction and nation building.

He said that the students of the media department ought to pay attention simultaneously in theory and practical work during their 4-year study on the campus so that they may step into the practical life without any hesitation.

He added that while studying at the university, the students were required to acquire all the skills which a professional journalist, video editor, director, photographer, Transmission Officer, Sub Editor or a Script Editor should have.

Dr Qureshi further said that the Department of Media and Communication Studies would be made a department which would fully prepare the youth and send them to the market coupled with all-out skills and abilities so that the shortage of trained people in media organizations might be nipped in the bud.

Addressing the occasion, the faculty member Jan-e-Alam Solangi said that the style and parameters of journalism were changing, therefore, the efforts were being made to prepare the youth to contemporary strictures and altering standards of journalism. He said that there was a time when newspapers were in vogue and there was a radio and a PTV channel.