Chairman Businessmen Group Siraj Kassam Teli has filed a suit against Karachi Electricity Supply Company

Chambers of Commerce Industries

Karachi: In a press statement issued by Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chairman Businessmen Group Siraj Kassam Teli has filed a suit against KESC and requested the honorable High Court of Sindh for an injunction stopping KESC from personal victimization and taking coercive measures at Siraj Kassam Teli’s residence and businesses as KESC had taken away the CTs from the factory of Siraj Teli on 16th December, 2011 without assigning any reasons and without any complaints and disconnecting electric supply and sending notices and people to disconnect electricity meter at Siraj Teli’s residence without any reason.

KESC is victimizing and harassing Siraj Kassam Teli for raising voice for the Business and Industrial Community of Karachi against the load-shedding in all the industrial zones of Karachi to save the Industry and Economy of Pakistan. The Honorable High Court was pleased to give the following order.

“It is hereby ordered that you the Defendant above named be and are hereby directed that no coercive action shall be taken against the Plaintiffs, factories of Plaintiff No.2 or at the residence of Plaintiff No.2 as per above Court’s order.”

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