Changchun’s economy this year witnessed a good start to consolidate the revitalization of China’s Northeast old industrial base


CHANGCHUN, China, Mar. 28, 2017/Xinhua-AsiaNet/– Well-known as the Auto City of China and one of China’s Northeast old industrial bases, Jilin Changchun witnessed a good start supported by its diversified economic development this year. From January to February, the city’s fixed asset investment grew by 30.3%, the total industrial output value above scale increased by 11.3%. In this critical period of the Northeast regional economic revitalization and development, through its dramatic change and reform in working style, management mechanism and industrial re-allocation, the city’s economic and social situation are showing new trend and new climate, investment potential and environment are improving, a solid foundation for sustainable economic development for the next two years was ready.

Changchun constantly adjusted the industrial organization, from the original solo of automobile industry to a chorus of diversified and thriving development of all economic forms, its plan to build 6 billion-RMB level of strategic emerging industries will provide more impetus for the revitalization of the economy, the proportion of those industries in total economic volume will gradually increase. Those industries includes advanced equipment manufacturing, optoelectronic information, biological and pharmaceutical health, new energy vehicles, new materials and big data industry.

The first two months of this year, Changchun pharmaceutical industry, food industry, new energy industry output value has increased by 13.3%, 13.2% and 6.8% respectively, an even more obvious impetus to the industry growth. In 2016, Changchun six strategic emerging industries have accumulated output value of RMB 166.33 billion, an increase of 11.8% year-on-year. Changchun’s economic diversification trend gradually showed clear support, the pace of local industrial transformation and upgrade is definite.

To adapt to this new trend, all departments of municipal government are high active and focused on promoting the development. Government departments developed work arrangements to help enterprises coordinate the start of business, approval procedures and other works. In this last winter, Changchun changed the tradition of Chinese northeast construction projects idle period, many construction, site earthwork, transportation work were not delayed by the cold climate.

In order to better serve enterprises, Changchun explored and practiced infrastructure projects parallel approval mode, from the old way of 13 related departments sequential approval to one head department with other related working parallel and in strict time limitation. The number of scene investigation was cut from 18 into 2, construction planning permission declaration materials reduced from 78 to 21, the approval time from 302 working days was compressed to 51 on theory, which provides a great convenience for investment enterprises.

Changchun also vigorously promote the reform of commercial systems, through relaxing restriction of residence registration and the registration system reform as Five Certificates in One and One Certificate One Code, greatly reducing the threshold of market access, the main market private sectors enjoyed rapid economic growth, attracting more domestic and foreign well-known enterprises to invest and set up factories. Last year, Changchun completed investment in fixed assets (excluding farmers) 465.9 billion RMB, an increase of 10.5%, 2.4% higher than the national average.

Changchun monitored its reform measures from performance evaluation to implementation supervision, from the TV politics to Tolerance Exemption, fought against Inaction, from the system level to provide protection for the development, to avoid the economic development temporary benefits caused Fast and Irresponsible Actions, laying a solid foundation for long-term development.

SOURCE: Changchun Municipal Publicity Department