CIA police arrest car snatching gang in Lahore

LAHORE: The Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) police Shahdarah arrested a three-member car-snatching gang in Lahore on Friday. As per details, the suspects used to book a car through an online application and then snatch the car at gunpoint. The arrested suspects include Abdul Qadir, Irfan and Ehtisham. Upon investigation, it was revealed that this gang has a record of snatching cars in the city and they confessed to several other incidents as well. The DSP said that one car, mobile phone, millions of cash and weapons.

Earlier, two traffic wardens were robbed of their mobile phones and cash in Lahore. They were deprived of their mobile phones and cash while they were on duty. One other cop was shot at and injured by armed robbers. In Karachi, a police constable was found involved in a snatching incident. The airport police station police arrested two suspects in a raid. Three suspects snatched a bike in the jurisdiction of the airport police station. The police officials said that Zeeshan Shafiq is a police constable and he is deployed in the SSP investigation east.