Citizen seeks permission to keep 10gram hashish, SHC rejects plea

KARACHI:The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Friday expressed displeasure on a plea filed by a citizen seeking permission for consuming and keeping 10gram hashish.


A two-member bench of the SHC, headed by Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar, heard a plea filed by Ghulam Asghar, seeking permission for consuming and keeping 10gram hashish. The court annoyed at the citizen and rejected his plea. “What kind of plea you have brought before the court; do you want that people be allowed to consume hashish?’’ the bench remarked.


“Tell us, how much fine should be imposed on you,” the court asked him. The petitioner replied: “I am poor man and this plea is in public interest.”


He pleaded the court to remove the fine for keeping 10gram hashish. He stated that some noble men consume hashish but police are harassing them. The petitioner stated that keeping is allowed in different countries of the world. At which, the court remarked you should go to those countries if you are willing to consume hashish, but here you would not be allowed for it.


Justice Mazhar remarked why such kinds of pleas are brought before the court. The petitioner stated income of the country will be increased with it and more revenue will be generated. “We do not need such revenue, there are other ways to boost revenue and the economy,’’ the court maintained. Later, the court rejected the plea.