A group of concerned citizens has voiced their serious concerns over prolonged power outages in Karachi and the issuance of inflated electricity bills. The citizens are calling on the government to provide immediate relief to the common people affected by these issues.

In a meeting held at the office of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), the citizens’ group resolved to take action by writing letters to public representatives and the Sindh High Court, urging them to address and resolve the ongoing power crisis in Karachi.

Participants at the meeting highlighted the severe impact of the power outages, noting that despite regularly paying their electricity bills, many localities are subjected to load shedding lasting between 10 to 12 hours each day. They stressed that this situation is untenable and demands urgent intervention.

The group also criticized K-Electric (KE), the city’s power utility, for what they described as punitive measures against paying customers. KE has reportedly justified the extensive load shedding by claiming that some consumers are either not paying their bills or are involved in power theft. However, the citizens argued that it is unjust to penalize those who are fulfilling their obligations by paying their bills on time.

The group’s letter to the public representatives and the Sindh High Court will emphasize the following demands:

Immediate Reduction of Load Shedding: Implement measures to significantly reduce the duration and frequency of power outages in affected localities. Fair Billing Practices: Address the issue of inflated bills and ensure transparency in the billing process.

Accountability of K-Electric: Hold KE accountable for its service delivery and ensure that paying customers are not unfairly penalized for the actions of others.

Government Intervention: Urge the government to intervene and find a sustainable solution to the power crisis in Karachi, including exploring alternative energy sources and improving the existing infrastructure.

The concerned citizens’ group remains committed to advocating for the rights of Karachi’s residents and will continue to push for solutions that ensure reliable and fair access to electricity for all.