(City): Panchayat denounces forced conversion of Hindu girl

Larkana: Hindu Panchayat Chairman Dr Dharam Pal, Vice Chairman Sudham Chand, General Secretary Dr Wali Ram Friday strongly condemned what they called kidnapping and forced conversion of a minor Hindu girl.

In a joint statement, they said unrest was widely felt among the Hindu community for such acts for which strict laws should have been made long ago. They said due to non-availability of such laws by the government side, the same incidents were increasing day by day which had created panic among their community members.

They said they extremely condemned brutal rape and murder of a five-year girl in Karachi. They said such acts were cancer in the society which needed to be curbed with iron hands of law and the accused be given exemplary punishment so that no one suffered in the future.

They said recently, a Hindu shopkeeper was threatened with life in Bukshapur in the name of religion due to which Hindu community was extremely worried across Sindh. They said their community was busy in developing Sindh and Pakistan day and night to better the economy but some miscreants were unable to digest the same efforts. They demanded of the provincial IGP to bring all the accused to justice across Sindh so that a peaceful atmosphere could prevail in Sindh.

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