PPP-SB, SNP, SAS protest occupation of two islands

LARKANA:Activists of PPP-SB, Sindh National Party (SNP) and Sindhi Adabi Sangat (SAS) took out separate rallies here on Sunday against what they termed occupation of two precious islands of Sindh by the federal government.

The participants also held protest demonstrations holding large banners in their hands and demanding withdrawal of Coastal Development Ordinance.

The participants of SAS included Aziz Qasmani, Khalid Chandio, Sattar Hulio, Nayab Sarkash Sindhi, Inam Gul Sangi, Salim Abbasi and others.

PPP-SB and SNP activists included Zubair Jatoi, Waryam Channa, Waheed Junejo, Parveen Chandio, Barkat Gaad, Junaid Malgani, Waheed Detho, Suneel Kumar, Muhammad Ali Abro and others.

While talking to newsmen the participants said that acts of the federal government of taking over two Karachi islands are illegal and unconstitutional which will deprive the residents of Sindh of their fundamental rights. They added that the federal government has already trespassed and occupied natural resources of Sindh and deprived its people of their right to jobs and other economic benefits which cannot be allowed anymore as poverty level has increased manifold.

The said people of Sindh will not tolerate violation of provincial autonomy and occupation of historical and natural resources of Sindh. They said Article 172 of 1973 Constitution clearly mentioned that property of sea will be of the province from 0 to 12 nautical miles.

They said Prime Minister Imran Khan is spending billions of rupees on tree planting in Punjab and KPK but on the other hand he is killing wildlife, occupying islands and destroying mangroves, jungles and wildlife in Sindh. They said Dingi and Bhandar islands consist of 8275 acres where more than 50 kinds of plants, 50 types of snakes, wildlife, birds and other unique treasures are hidden which are part and parcel of Indus delta and World Wildlife Fund. They said if both islands are destroyed in the name of development by constructing buildings the people of Sindh will never allow such unnatural death of mother earth’s creatures and resist the move.

They further alleged that Sindh Government is also supporting the move which they strongly condemned and said that provincial rulers will face the wrath of the residents of Sindh if it did not resist with full force. They also demanded withdrawal of Ordinance.

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