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CM Murad cannot evade probe into subsidy scam: Adil

May 28, 2020

KARACHI:Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice President Haleem Adil Sheikh here Thursday said the hands of Sindh chief minister Murad Ali Shah were stained with corruption and he could not evade the inquiry into the mega subsidy scam.

Talking to media here, he said today the body language of Nasir Shah and Murtaza Wahab was that of loser gamblers when they were talking about the JIT on sugar mills subsidy scam. He said Murtaza Wahab claimed that Murad Shah had always presented before inquiries whenever he was called. He said; however, Murtaza did not tell that Murad had not presented him before the NAB, when his warrants were issued. He said Bilawal Zardari had also not presented him before the NAB.

Haleem Adil said the job of Murtaza Wahab is to spread disinformation. He gets salary for telling lies. He was rejected by the voters of his constituency. He asked when PTI federal minister Asad Umar can record statement before the probe commission, why the PPP leaders are shying away from it. He said chief minister of Punjab Usman Buzdar can also record his statement because his hands are clean.

He said the nation knows why the PPP leaders are running away from probe bodies. He said these people are habitual thieves, and the hardened criminals should be caught at the earliest. He said Murad Shah instead of sending a letter should himself had presented before the commission.

He said Murad Ali Shah gave an illegal subsidy of four types: a subsidy to sugar mills, subsidy to ‘sick’ industries, subsidy to captive power project and the subsidy to tractor scheme. He said in fact all these four subsidies were given to notorious Omni Group and its lackeys.

He said the government should give subsidy only to the masses. He said on November 22, 2017 the owners of sugar mills demanded a subsidy of Rs20 per kilogram. He said the federal government of that time decided to give them a subsidy of Rs 10 and this subsidy would be paid equally by the federal government and the provinces, at the rate of Rs5 each. He said on November 22, 2011 the agriculture department sent a summary in this regard which was opposed even by the then finance secretary.

Adil said the government of Sindh gave additional Rs4.1billion to the sugar mills of the Omni Group. He said the Sindh government introduced new ways of corruption on the corruption money. He said the government of PML-N during five years gave a subsidy of Rs29billion. He said that Shahid Khaqan is involved in corruption in Rs20billion subsidy. He said Rs2.4billion subsidy was given by the Punjab government. he said our Captain had taken a strong notice of the issue coupled with immediate action.

He said during the period of the previous governments, a subsidy of Rs29 billion was given and no commission was formed to probe this matter and no report was still issued in this regard. He said: “If Murad Shah does not appear before the commission, he has to prove to whom this subsidy was given.” He said Rs 2.25 billion subsidy was given to the captive power sector. He said laws were made in the Sindh assembly to complete the projects of the Omni Group. He said Thatta Sugar Mills of Omni Group was given a subsidy of sick industry and the sugar mafia instead of running this mill, sold its machinery.

He said Sheikh Rashid had already warned the ‘return of Tarzan’ after the Eid. He said the Sindh education minister should see that the government schools were made animal pens. He said the corrupt rulers destroyed the PIA, and our government set the PIA on the right course of development. He said why the Sindh government did not reach to rescue the affected of PIA plane crash. He asked how many ventilators were in Sindh and how many of them were occupied. He said coronavirus cases did not increase after the opening markets and relaxing lockdown. He said the Sindh government wanted to bargain a deal on opening the transport sector.

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