Complete lockdown in Sindh’s cities, but villages still free


KARACHI:A complete lockdown was observed in cities and towns of Sindh, including Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Sukkur, Khairpur, Nawabshah, and Dadu, on Monday to fight the coronavirus, but there is no lockdown in villages of Sindh as people of these localities are moving around freely. There is need to send police to villages so as to force them at homes for safety.

All bazaars and markets remained completely closed in all the cities and towns of the province. Only retail goods and milk shops remained open to provide necessary daily use items to the citizens. Sindh government offices and educational institutes, including private, remained closed.

A heavy contingent of police, Rangers and Army have been deployed in the cities and towns who conducted patrolling and ensured the lockdown. Police were also deployed at major checkpoints of the cities and towns to force citizens stay at homes. However, a low number of motorcycles and cars were seen plying the roads for necessary works. The hospitals and medical stores also remained open to cater to the needs to patients.

The laborers community of the cities and towns was badly been affected by the lockdown and they need urgent relief goods, including ration, to feed their children. Panic ruled the Sindh province due to rising number of the cases. The citizens also need immediate awareness campaign by the health department.

A large public gatherings, weddings and congregations, conferences and other events have already been banned in the province by the authorities to contain the spread of coronavirus.

In villages, there is also need to check patients and other people to ensure diagnosis coronavirus cases, but it seems that the government had no responsibility in this regard. The government has left villagers to face coronavirus situation themselves.

It is matter of great concern that 18 hours long power load shedding is still being carried out in villages. The Sindh government has already announced Coronavirus Relief Fund of Rs3 billion besides ordering the establishment of fully-equipped 14 critical care units (CCUs) across Sindh province, including one in Karachi. The CCUs will be equipped with ventilators, monitors, pulse oximeters, suction machines, defibrillators and compressors, across the province.

The CCU unit in Karachi will house between 100 to 200 beds and 13 CCUs housing 600 beds will be established elsewhere in Sindh. The Sindh government has also established 10,000-bed isolation centre at Expo Centre.

Millions of people have been forced to stay homes across Pakistan following a lockdown to fight coronavirus cases. Streets were deserted, public transport, offices, parks, and other public spots remained closed in all the four provinces today. The government also announced suspension of railway operations across the country besides halting international flights to control the virus.