Condition of Noor Jehan is critical: experts

KARACHI:The Four Paws team, assisting the zoo staff in elephant Noor Jehan?s treatment, issued a statement at their official Instagram handle stating that ?there is no change in the health status of the ailing elephant Noor Jehan despite our best efforts.?

According to the Four Paws official statement: ?We are saddened to inform you that despite the best efforts of the local team and ongoing supervision and support from FOUR PAWS, the health condition of Noor Jehan is not improving. Despite several attempts, she is unable to stand on her own, and her condition remains critical and uncertain.?

?An urgent committee of international and national experts and veterinarians will advise on how to proceed with Noor Jehan's future. Meanwhile, the on-site team is doing everything possible to ease her suffering, and we appreciate everyone involved in this effort.?

?Last year, FOUR PAWS suggested relocating the last remaining African Elephants from Karachi to a more species-appropriate home. With the current situation, we urge for the immediate transfer of the healthy elephant, Madhubala, to prevent another tragedy due to a lack of proper care."