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Constitutional change in Sindh possible: Adil

July 3, 2020

Karachi:Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice President and parliamentary leader in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that a constitutional change in Sindh province is possible and the chances of a governor rule in Sindh cannot be overruled.

Addressing a press conference here Friday at the Insaf House, flanked by MPA Raja Azhar, Kareem Bux Gabol, Jam Farooq Ahmed and others, he said when somebody tell lies it is necessary to reply him. He said he congratulates advisor Murtaza Wahab on recovery from coronavirus.

Haleem Adil said it is irony that the people who were rejected by the voters of their constituencies are demanding resignation of an elected federal minister. He said they are bent to present a fake JIT report, as they had already termed the JIT a security risk. He said when the Supreme Court of Pakistan gives verdict on the case of federal government hospitals in Karachi, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari sees an attack on the hospitals of Sindh.

Haleem Adil said Sindh has got a share of Rs225billion under NFC Award. He said 65percent revenue collection of whole country including Sindh province is generated from Karachi and the PPP says a robbery is committed. He said 6 Crore people of Sindh are patriotic Pakistanis. He asked how they would collect tax on behalf of the Federation and refuse to give this tax to the federal government. He said under the constitutional framework, the provinces are bound to collect tax on behalf of the federal government and if a province refuses to discharge this constitutional obligation, a governor rule could be slapped there. He said this is why he feels that Sindh may get the governor’s rule.

Haleem Adil said Ali Zaidi is a brave voice of Karachi. He said Ali Zaidi had demanded to make all JIT reports public. He said they are notorious for fake bank accounts and it is feared that they may issue a fake JIT report. He said it is an open secret that these people had patronized Uzair Baloch. He said this party used to give election tickets from Lyari on the recommendations of Uzair Baloch. He said this party used to create law and order situation in Karachi with the help of Uzair Baloch. He said the history of the PPP spreads from Al-Zulfiqar to Lyari gang war. He said pictures of top leadership of the PPP with Uzair Baloch are present.

He said Ali Zaidi exposed them during his speech in Parliament. He said we will see the JIT on media. He said the PPP and Ali Zaidi had gone to court on this issue. He said still the JIT report is not in our hands, but the relations of PPP and Lyari gang war are no secret for anybody. He said Bhutto had founded the PPP in Lahore but now this party is limited to only four Divisions. He said now this party is using Sindh card, when it is being rejected in Karachi. He said when Sindh gets less revenue Bilawal says it is attack on Sindh. He said tax collection is the responsibility of the provinces.

He said KE administration is summoned in the Governor House and federal minister Omar Ayub has already warned them to correct their misdeeds; otherwise, MNA s and MPAs would protest in front of KE head office on Monday. He said the K Electric has become a ‘killer electric’ and its forensic audit is a must. He asked the FIA and NAB to initiate a probe against the KE. He asked the federal government to re-nationalize the KE. He said cases under criminal act should be lodged against the KE. He demanded that the decision to increase the KE tariff should be withdraw.

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