Deputy Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), Dr Inayat Hussain highlighted the pivotal role of continuous learning in ensuring the long-term success of professionals within the financial industry.

His remarks were delivered during the launch of the Treasury Management Certification, where he underscored the importance of providing treasury professionals with the skills necessary to navigate the challenges of an evolving financial landscape. The course has been jointly developed by CFA Society Pakistan and National Institute of Banking and Finance (NIBAF).

Dr Hussain commended the collaborative efforts of the SBP, National Institute of Banking and Finance (NIBAF) Pakistan, the CFA Society Pakistan, and the Financial Market Association for developing a certification program tailored to meet local market needs. He emphasized the challenge of maintaining quality standards and ensuring the curriculum remains aligned with advancing technology and market practices.

Encouraging the financial industry to seize this opportunity, Dr. Hussain urged institutions to encourage their treasury staff register for the certification. He stressed that investing in staff development enables professionals not only to effectively manage risks and ensure compliance, but also to leverage new technologies, and adapt to dynamic market conditions.

Director CFA Society Pakistan, Mohammad Shoaib said that NIBAF and the CFA Society Pakistan have collaborated to design and develop a local certification in treasury management that is custom designed to meet the requirements of the local capital and money markets. He added that this Certification covers conventional treasury products and concepts besides offering learning opportunities in Islamic treasury functions which is critical for the conversion of the entire financial system to an Islamic mode as per the directive of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The event, attended by executives from the SBP, the CFA Society Pakistan, Financial Market Association, and NIBAF marked a significant step towards enhancing the professional capabilities of the treasury staff in the financial sector.