Corruption mafia in Sindh also devouring funds of heart patients: Adil


KARACHI:Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice President and parliamentary party leader in Sindh Haleem Adil Awan has said that the corruption mafia of Sindh is now even devouring the funds of heart patients, which is evident from the mega corruption and poor state of affairs of the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) Karachi.

Talking to media outside the Sindh Assembly here Tuesday, he said Bilawal Zardari delivers fierce speeches during the sit-ins of PDM; however, the government of his party in Sindh is even doing corruption in the funds of heart patients. He said that when the Sindh government is asked about its achievements, they quote the NICVD, which is fact has become a den of corruption and mismanagement, according to a press release issued today.

He said the PPP government is involved in corruption through fake bank accounts, money laundering and fake appointments in Sindh education department. He said they are also involved in corruption in the departments of health, local government and revenue. He said the lands of forest department were encroached upon. There is corruption of Rs3tirllion in pension funds. The other examples of corruption include airplane commission case, Zardari tractor corruption scheme and corruption in water management and irrigation. He said the looted taxpayers’ money is hidden in Swiss bank accounts and purchase of properties like Park Lane. He said there is corruption in Roshan Sindh Program, wheat stock and fish ponds schemes.

Haleem Adil said 53percent families in Sindh are living beneath the poverty line and 60percent population of the province is compelled to drink gutter-mixed water. He said there are fake tenders in works and services department, and excise and taxation department. He said corruption was also done in coronavirus funds and financial aid of rain-affected people. He said no member of the opposition is included in the public accounts committee and standing committee of Sindh assembly. He said after Shaheed Benazir the democratic politics ended in Sindh and replaced by a civilian dictatorship. He said 7-years-old girl of Khairpur Monika Lark was killed after rape but the killers were not arrested.

He said the NICVD has broken all records of corruption. He said the PPP leader Naved Qamar had given NICVD on a virtual contract to his brother Nadeem Qamar. He said as per report of DG Audit huge discrepancies are unearthed in NICVD during 2019-2020. He said a transfer of Rs270.611 million in the head of PCI allowance is dubious, so is funds of Rs1.91million in the head of satellite visit allowance.

There is corruption of Rs142.942 million in the head of professional fees and Rs0.705million in the head of rehabilitation allowance, and Rs136.924million in the head of non-practice allowance. He said corruption is also made in monitoring allowance, overtime allowance and other heads. He said appointment of additional consultant Dr Farhan Ali is also dubious and so is the appointment of chief finance officer. He said even Rs25million were spent for a new software for the NICVD. He said the software of the PPP, itself, would be updated soon.

Haleem Adil said the Maulana instead of going to Rawalpindi should go to defend the boundaries. He said the Maulana should wage a Jihad against the enemies of Pakistan. He said the Maulana had joined the PDM to save his skin. He the elders of the Maulana had opposed Pakistan, like the elders of ANP and Achakzai. He said a gang of anti-nation elements has gathered on the stage of PDM, which does not want to see a progressive and prosperous Pakistan. He said the PDM is holding rallies to mislead the masses. He said the PTI would expose all corrupt politicians. He said whole world is praising the efforts of Prime Minister Imran Khan during the coronavirus pandemic and he gave each Pakistani Rs12000.