Country inflation has peaked at 20%, informs Bilawal

KARACHI:Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has assured the nation that PPP will be taking all the necessary steps required to thwart the conspiracy hatched to damage the common man in the upcoming budget economically.

In a statement issued from the Media Cell Bilawal House Wednesday, the PPP chairman exposed Prime Minister Imran Khan for what he called hatching a plot with his advisors to target the low-income group in the budget 2021. He also pointed out that inflation in the country had already peaked at 20%, according to the SPI index. If the situation worsens, the impoverished will be unable to survive.

“By imposing heavy taxes in the budget, PTI government wants to burden those who are receiving low salaries,” declared Bilawal. “Imagine what Pakistan’s condition will be if the salaried group is tied up in taxes?”

Speaking on the COVID healthcare crisis and the downfall of world economies caused by the pandemic, Bilawal pointed out that the globe was already suffering. “Several economies are on the brink of destruction, and we must ensure Pakistan is not one of them. There will be no greater injustice if our already crippling economy is presented with a budget that does not provide relief to the poverty-stricken public.”

“Imran Khan is proving his enmity to the common people by giving amnesty schemes to the rich and collecting taxes from the poor,” remarked Chairman PPP. “How can he sit by and watch thousands of his countrymen die of hunger? Our future generations will be ruined since many families can’t afford to educate them,” he protested.

Addressing the selected prime minister’s claims regarding the nation’s economic growth, Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari commented, “Where is this so-called economic growth? We can’t see it in the statistics! But the doubling rate of unemployment is surely evident.”
He further declared, “The puppet Prime Minister can get appreciation from his ‘fans’ by manipulating the numbers, but the masses will not be fooled by the PM’s illusion of economic prosperity.”

Perplexed at the conniving plan of the current government, Chairman PPP revealed that before presenting the fourth budget, Imran Khan brought his third finance minister and the fifth trade secretary. The economic team of the PM, however, was nowhere to be seen. “A few days before the budget, the PTI government changed the secretary of the finance department and then turned the economic catastrophe into a fake economic growth,” stated Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, outraged at the audacity of the reigning government.

“Imran Khan Niazi may be influenced by those who want their pockets filled, but I reject PTI’s plot to impose taxes worth billions of rupees in the PTIMF budget. The current inflation rate has caused enough suffering,” asserted Chairman PPP. “We will not sit idly and watch PM Imran Khan present one failed budget after another. Mark my words, his name will go down in the history of his country for his economic crimes. The country will never forgive him,” he concluded.