Covid kills mostly chain smokers: experts tell webinar

HYDERABAD: Speakers at a webinar said Tuesday that the coronavirus has devoured the lives of those people in Pakistan, India, USA, UK and other countries who were the chain smokers and it is still lethal for such sorts of natives across the globe.


They said that as many as 90% patients of lung cancer in Pakistan were the outcome of being chain smokers, therefore; they said there was stern need to create awareness among the masses not only in Pakistan but worldwide as 1.1 billion people were accustomed to tobacco on the planet.


This they said while addressing the webinar titled “Anti-Tobacco Awareness session” which was organized by Sindh University’s Pakistan Study Centre (PSC) in collaboration with Shoukat Khanum Memorial Hospital and Research Centre here on Tuesday.


In his presidential remarks, the vice chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro said that the youths were increasingly smoking, which was having a negative effect on their health. He said that the students needed to be made aware of the deadly effects of smoking from their school age so that they might not get into the habit of smoking when they came to colleges and universities.


“There should be rehabilitation centres in the country for the youths who have become addicted to cigarettes or tobacco where by brainwashing them and creating awareness among them, their lives can be saved from this insidious disease”, he said.


Director PSC Dr Shuja Ahmed Mahesar on the occasion stressed the need to create awareness among youngsters about hazardous effects of tobacco on their health and said that there was a high increase ratio in the number of smokers across the world including Pakistan.


He noted that at present, there were as many as 1.1 billion smokers across the globe including Pakistan. “This number is increasing day by day, thus; the anti-tobacco campaigns at international level are required to be organized in order to create awareness about how to quit smoking.


The guest speaker, Dr Mahreen Khalid, explained the effects of tobacco on various parts of human body including lungs, liver, kidney and brain and termed it extremely dangerous for individual’s survival.


She said that 80 to 90 percent patients of lung cancer were found to be chain smokers and their mortality ratio was also recorded to be high than other forms for cancer. She explained various tips and techniques that can be used to quit smoking and get good riddance from it.


Dr Mahreen Khalid argued that the coronavirus severely affected and devoured the lives of those across the world who were chain smokers. “Chain smokers can easily be prey to COVID-19 because they don’t have much immune system,” she said.


The session was moderated by Alina and Zohaib Faizi. At the end of the session, the questions were answered by the speakers. The webinar was attended by a large number of faculty members, students and scholars besides that of dean faculty of social sciences Prof Dr Zareen Abbasi.