CPLC is a unique and successful model: Ozair

KARACHI: Business Administration and Protocol Departments of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology jointly organized a lecture on “How to save from street crimes. The guest speaker was Chief CPLC East Zone, Abid Ozair who gave a very informative and comprehensive presentation that included the complete guideline how to save ourselves from street and other

While giving lecture, Chief CPLC East Zone, Abid Ozair said that the Citizens Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) was founded in 1989 to facilitate the resolution of any grievances in relations to any actual or perceived criminal offense and to provide an interface with LEA’s. CPLC is a unique and successful model working close with law enforcement agencies to curb crime and proactively develop strategies to improve overall scenario. CPLC took out the best results developing confidence among masses through time interventions, assistance, counselling, mediation and welfare activities. He said this while giving a lecture about “How to save from street crimes”.

He pointed out that in recent floods that hit major parts of Sindh and Baluchistan, CPLC played its role by providing ration bags, medicines, shelter and mosquito nets to the affected families including reconstruction of the houses.

Crime index in Karachi for the year 2022 is 53.31. In 2022, 438 cases of extortion, threats, harassment cases, 397 cases general dispute, 1150 case of lost/runaway person, 533 cases of missing children, and 140 cases of cybercrime were registered. While 1249 robberies and 6 cases of kidnapping for ransom were witnessed.

Speaking on this occasion, Vice Chancellor of Sir Syed University Prof. Dr. Vali Uddin said that the crime situation in Pakistan has been very alarming. This situation of crimes persist in every third world country. This is due to the increasing population and poor economic policy. Our standard of living has become so high that people are adopting short cuts to achieve their targets. There is no concept of punishment for crime in Pakistan.

A peaceful and conducive environment is essential for investment and business activities. There is nothing better than investing in the education and grooming of the youth to make them a good citizen.

Education opens doors to attractive jobs for the youth while grooming and training protects them from engaging in negative and destructive activities. CPLC has taken effective measures to eradicate crime. They have controlled crimes to some extent with the best strategy. People will stay away from crimes under strict and inflexible laws.

Earlier, while delivering welcome address, Registrar Syed Sarfraz Ali, said that peace is everyone’s need. Without peace, no society can grow and develop. Incidents of terrorism have reduced significantly. Kidnapping for ransom is almost non-existent. Law enforcement agencies and CPLC have been instrumental in improving the law and order situation in Karachi.