LAHORE: Pakistan legend and current batting coach Mohammad Yousuf and Test batter Azhar Ali will be part of the Level 3 coaching course that begins on Thursday at the National High Performance Centre in Lahore.

The course will run till 22 November and will be attended by 35 participants, 17 of which are current and former Test cricketers. The course will provide opportunities to current and former cricketers to evolve into coaches so they can share their knowledge with the up and coming cricketers.

Names of 35 participants: Abdul Rehman, Abdul Saad, Adnan Rasool, Aftab Khan, Agha Sabir Ali, Amanullah Dehpal, Anwar Ali, Arshad Khan, Ashraf Ali, Azhar Ali, Ghulam Ali, Hafiz Majid, Humayun Farhat, Imran Farhat, Jamal Uddin, Muhammad Saeed Anwer, Mohammad Yousaf, Muhammad Sami, Nadeem Zafar Gondal, Qaisar Abbas, Raees Amjad, Rao Iftikhar Anjum, Riaz Afridi, Riffat Ullah, Rizwan Quraishi, Roze Khan, Shahid Latif, Shoaib Khan, Shoaib Khan, Syed Wajahat Ullha Wasti, Tabish Khan, Taufiq Umer, Waqar Oraqzai, Waqas Ahmad and Zulfiqar Babar