Crime rate in Islamabad decreases in 2011: 58 terrorists arrested

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Islamabad: Overall crime rate in Islamabad during the year 2011 decreased significantly and recovery rate of narcotics, weapons, looted items also increased due to efficient policing techniques being adopted by the cops on the directions of police chief IGP Islamabad Bani Amin Khan.

The commitment and devotion by the personnel of Islamabad police despite several constraints made them successful against the criminal elements during the current year. A total of 6548 cases were registered during the ongoing year as compared to the total cases of 6480 in year 2010. But this difference is not due to increase in criminal incidents but owing cases registered in 16 police stations after recovery of weapons, narcotics and also of miscellaneous cases.

The comparison of crime date during the year 2011 and 2010 reveals that 53.8 per cent reduction was witnessed in dacoity incidents in 2011, 80 per cent decrease in kidnapping incident, 48 per cent in motorbike theft incidents, 1.2 per cent in car theft incidents, 27.27 per cent reduction in this year in incidents of forcibly snatching items, 16.8 per cent decrease in burglary incidents and three per cent reduction in incidents of snatching valuables during 2011.

Around 14721 alleged criminals including 400 proclaimed offenders, 1050 court absconders, 1632 gangsters, 267 gamblers were arrested in 2011 while recovery of Rs. 257 million was also made from these nabbed persons.

To ensure effective patrolling and safety to people, 61 police posts and 55 halting points were established while police stations were provided 15 Falcon vehicles, 56 Eagles, six Commando vehicles, five Elite Vehicles, 14 Bravo vehicles, five APC and 40 other vehicles.

During the current year, policemen were given target by their chief IGP Islamabad Bani Amin Khan to focus on detection of crime and satisfy the public by resolving their grievances. The courageous role played by the police in the capital under the dynamic leadership of IGP has won hearts of the people as the brave custodians of law and order prevented many disasters by timely nabbing would-be suicide bombers and terrorists.

Successful action was taken against 58 terrorists and 34 hand grenades, 10 suicide jackets, five rocket launchers, 88 Kalashnikov, 80 carbines and guns, 766 pistols, 38688 rounds, 15 missiles, One SMG, 11 pistol, 21 rocket fuses, 14 jacket fuses and 180 intoxicating injections, 183 detonators, 365 prima cards, 3000 pieces of delay riley, 935 kilogram explosives were also recovered from them.

According to details, 703 cases of narcotics recovery were registered in various police stations of Islamabad during 2010 while recovery rate increased in the corresponding period of the this year and a total of 935 cases were registered in 2011. Similarly, the cases of weapons recovery also increased from 712 to 855.

Around 769 kilogram hashish, 61 kilogram heroin, 49 kilogram opium and 29204 wine bottles were also recovered from them. Owing the strategy of efficient investigation into cases of stolen vehicles, Islamabad Police recovered 294 tempered vehicles and 40 motorbikes this year.

IGP Bani Amin and SSP Islamabad Muhammad Yousuf Malik devised comprehensive security and patrolling plan during the year 2011, divided the city into 44 beats and three security rings were also established to effectively control crime. The performance of each beat officers is being reviewed continuously and officers’ vehicles perform patrolling duties after office timings.

During the current year, 115 murder cases were registered as compared to 134 cases in the corresponding period of last year while 320 `hurt cases’ were registered in the police stations of the Capital as compared to 336 during the last year.

Meanwhile, 18 cases of dacoities were registered in this period of 2011 as compared to 39 cases in 2010 while 217 cases were registered for forcible snatching of items during 2011 and 298 cases in the same period of 2010.

Similarly, a total of 197 cases of day and night burglaries were registered in 2011 as compared to 237 in last year while 328 theft cases were registered in year 2011 and 338 in 2010. Under the head of Foreigner Act, 16 cases were registered in 2011 and four in 2010.

Around 47 raids were conducted at brothel houses and several arrests were made for involvement of people in immoral activities.

The IGP said that citizens are, and should be proud of the fact that Islamabad Police have always performed diligently and respond quickly to SoS calls from public.” The performance of the capital police can be gauged from the fact that number of aborted terrorist plots and detection of crime in the capital is more than any other district police across the country,” Bani Amin Khan maintained.

SSP Muhammad Yousuf Malik has said the main reason behind this success is the strategy of community and vigilant policing and efforts will remain continue to ensure complete protection to the lives and property of citizens.

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