CRRC “China Bookshelf” Establishes Chinese Culture Libraries in Australia

MELBOURNE, Australia, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CRRC Corporation Limited (“CRRC”, 1766.HK), one of the world’s largest rail transportation equipment companies, has delivered more than 575 non-fiction books that introduce China from various aspects to Melbourne in Australia last December. The delivery marks the kickoff of CRRC’s China Bookshelf project (China Bookshelf), which aims to promote cultural exchanges between China and Australia and to create an inclusive community with mutual trust.

CRRC “China Bookshelf Project” Establishes Chinese Culture Libraries in Australia.

China Bookshelf will create mini libraries with a focus on China and Chinese culture across the world. The books will be shared to both CRRC employees and public audiences outside China. 275 books delivered to Australia this time will be located in the staff lounge at the CRRC Times Electric in Melbourne, while the other 300 will be available to local citizens from community library.

The selection of books in the project are issued by China’s leading publishers, covering a wide range of China’s cultural elements as well as an introduction to the Chinese rail transit industry. Highlighting customs, traditions, histories, architecture, geography, philosophy to politics and social movements, the mini library will enable readers to have comprehensive access to ancient and modern China, empowering a stronger Sino-Australian people-to-people bind with a deeper mutual understanding.

“The CRRC is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive corporate culture. Our culture is based on an ethos of open communication,” said Liu Hualong, Chairman of CRRC.

CRRC Launches “China Bookshelf Project” at CRRC Times Electric and Local Library to Continually Provoke Conversations of Culture Exchange.

The China Bookshelf project echoes CRRC’s endeavor of creating a culture of integrity and responsibility, eliminating cultural conflicts by seeking common ground and cultural integration with local employees and residents.

From 2018, the company has launched a range of cross-cultural activities to promote such exchanges in Australia, including the Open Day at the Morwell plant and sports sponsorship of local basketball games. The CRRC is also looking into opportunities of working with Australian universities in the field of manufacturing, management and scientific research.

By actively engaging with partners locally, the CRRC strives to jointly build a community of shared interests and harmonious development with local government, businesses and communities.

CRRC “China Bookshelf” Chose Over 500 Books from Selection of Culture, History, Tradition, Custom, Philosophy and More.

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About CRRC

CRRC (CRRC Corporation Limited) is one of the world’s largest rail transportation equipment companies, with an annual sales revenue of RMB229.01 billion in 2019. It has provided products and services to more than 100 countries and regions, and has established 15 international R&D centers. CRRC has set up local manufacturing bases in the US, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, Turkey, and India, among other countries. As of 2019, CRRC ranked 359th among the Fortune Global 500 companies.

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