Deal signed to expand hybrid learning project to empower students

LAHORE: Building on the success of their partnership, edtech platform Edkasa and Punjab Rural Support Programme (PRSP) have reached an agreement to expand the hybrid learning project to empower students in another 30 schools in Sahiwal District.

According to a statement issued on Tursday, the MoU, signed at a ceremony in Lahore, highlights the importance of public-private partnerships with technology being at the forefront of helping resolve Pakistan’s daunting education sector challenge.

Prior to its work with PRSP, Edkasa, geared towards online education and distance learning through efficient use of technology, also partnered with TikTok and the Sindh Education Foundation to improve learning outcomes across the country.

Under the hybrid learning project, Edkasa and PRSP will conduct daily real-time, interactive sessions for five days a week to foster an engaging learning environment conducted by experienced teachers.

Edkasa will conduct summative assessments four times a year, reducing also the burden on teachers through online live classes.

As part of its efforts to uplift rural areas in Punjab, PRSP has established 150 Community Primary Schools (CPS) in far-flung villages where a primary school does not exist or is too far away. These schools follow a multigrade teaching system where a teacher simultaneously engages multiple classes.

Annum Sadiq, the Chief Education Officer and co-founder at Edkasa, was looking forward to what the partnership means for the wider education ecosystem.

“’Connected Classrooms’ is a massively scalable project and solves a multitude of problems facing Pakistan’s education sector. Imagine being able to convert any room to a classroom where quality teaching and education is imparted to a huge number of students,” said Sadiq.

PRSP was also thrilled at the partnership and the success the project has seen so far.

"To enhance learning, as a first step, PRSP engaged Edkasa in 10 of these schools by combining and reinforcing traditional schooling with edtech-based online teaching," stated PRSP. "The hybrid pilot project in 10 schools was successfully completed and yielded remarkable results, showing a massive increase in student engagement, significant improvement in Grade I English and Math subjects, and a strong passion for acquiring learning.