Dengue prevention activities accelerated across the Punjab


LAHORE: Secretary Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department Sarah Aslam directed the Department to intensify the dengue prevention activities across the Punjab.

In this regard, she said on the auspicious occasion of Eid ul Adha and and and to take special care of cleanliness, she appealed that no filth of scarified animals and no garbage should be thrown in open places and Monsoon rains season have also started. Precautionary measures against Dengue are very important. Citizens should be more responsible in preventing Dengue during monsoon, especially rainwater should not accumulate in residential areas.

During this year total 56 confirmed cases of dengue have been reported from all across the province and out of all confirmed patients, 26 patients were reported from Lahore. No new case of dengue has been reported across the whole Province, yesterday. No more dengue patient is undergoing treatment in all the hospitals of Lahore and throughout the province. During this year, 26 confirmed cases of dengue have been reported in Lahore and no any more patient is undergoing treatment in all over the hospitals of Lahore.

In last 24 hours, 342,101 indoor and 83,279 locations were checked across the Punjab while larva were destroyed at different places. In Lahore, 5, 5088 houses and 9,450 outdoor places were checked for dengue larvae and 707 positive containers were destroyed. A total of 26 dengue patients have been reported in Lahore during this year and at present no any more patient is undergoing treatment in hospitals.

In this regard, Secretary Sarah Aslam said that precautionary measures against dengue should also be taken besides of taking precautionary measures against Corona epidemic. She further added that do not allow the storage of water at indoor and outdoor places; as hygiene can prevent dengue mosquito breeding. Be a responsible citizen by keep your surroundings neat and clean. She further said that the public is requested to extend full cooperation to the health department teams if they come to your home or business centers for the checking of dengue larvae, as dengue can be very fatal and is a very dangerous fever which can cause death.

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