Dhabeji and Nooriabad suggested as industrial cities for the SMEs

Karachi:The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) has proposed to the federal and provincial government of Sindh to develop Dhabeji and Nooriabad as industrial cities for the SMEs and their mobilization.

President UNISAME Zulfikar Thaver said both Dhabeji and Nooriabad have the potential and can come up as modern industrial cities within a short space of time if the federal and provincial government of Sindh take interest in promoting both for industrialization.

The SMEs are interested in putting up new industries of innovative and import substitution items and also to expand their existing units. Land in Karachi is beyond the reach of SMEs and for that matter even the upper medium sector.

UNISAME is in a position to arrange for collaboration, joint ventures and transfer of technology for SMEs from the Chinese under CPEC. Foreign investors are willing and keen to set up units as they have markets in Pakistan and neighbouring countries.

This will create employment and save foreign exchange. If land is made available at concession than machinery and raw material can be imported on deferred payments or under leasing.

Thaver said instead of investing huge amounts in two islands, which may not prove worthwhile due to several impediments it would be worthwhile if two cities are built with infrastructure for industrialization for export oriented industries. Karachi is not in a position to accomodate any more population influx nor capacity to supply water, electricity to new units.

In Dhabeji and Nooriabad there can be state of the art industrial estates with self-generation energy plants. UNISAME has urged for consideration of the proposal and prompt implementation to begin work.

A recent study conducted by UNISAME reported the support of the chambers of commerce and industry and various trade associations. Many commercial banks also expressed interest in opening their branches and some government institutions were inclined to have their offices for SME promotion and development.