Larkana:Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani has expressed anger and his dissatisfaction during his surprise visit to various schools and colleges here on Tuesday for not observing social distancing among students absent and late coming of teachers.

He visited Government Degree College, Nusrat Bhutto Girls College, Government Pilot Higher Secondary School and Rahmatpur High School and observed the measures taken for prevention of coronavirus and implementation of SOPs. He also noted the absence and late coming of some teachers, less distance between the students in classes and expressed his deep anger. He directed the relevant authorities to strictly observe SOPs issued to them earlier.

While talking to the media, the minister said that SOPs in the Larkana schools are being fully implemented due to the large number of students in classrooms. He said fresh schedules of classes may be issued for alternate days or shift wise classes so that SOPs are implemented for prevention of COVID-19 pandemic. He said we are trying to fully implement SOPs and if we are successful then we will not need to close down schools again. He said if Corona cases are emerging then schools can be shut again.

Ghani said we will not compromise the health of children. He said that action will be taken against those schools who have not so far implemented the decision of giving 20% reduction in school fees. He said the system of private schools is based on their monthly fees out of which they pay salaries to their teachers and other employees. He said that some of the parents have not so far paid their fees since six months. He said after having talks with such schools’ administration, instalments will be made for the parents so that they are able to clear the dues.