DS conducts footplate inspection of 450km track


KARACHI:Divisional Superintendent Pakistan Railways Karachi Muhammad Hanif Gul conducted footplate inspection of the UP and Down 450 kilometres of ML-1 track stretching from Cantonment station Karachi to Tando Adam.

The Up track, 225 kilomters, inspection was carried out from 47 Up Rehman Baba express whereas its replica in Down track was split in two portions: from Tando Adam to Hyderabad on a freight train and from Hyderabad to cantonment station Karachi by 44 Down Shah Hussain Express.

The footplate inspection, carried out from the front position of a locomotive, was aimed at examining the implementation of all operational parameters that primary include: functioning of signal systems, working of manned level crossings, trespassing from unmanned level crossings, observance of engineering restrictions (if any) by the drivers, connectivity of driver with the station staff at each station and last but not least the status of the route right-of-way, RoW, land.

The inspection was concluded at TandoAdam, the last Up country station under the administrative jurisdiction of Karachi division, that was holistically visited along with the Hyderabad station by the divisional superintendent during the return journey. Relevant PR officers and officials apprised the visiting DS regarding the operation and working at TandoAdam and Hyderabad stations.

Divisional Superintendent Karachi Muhammad Hanif Gul urged that all the arriving and departing passengers be fully facilitated in all aspects at both the stations. “Proposals pertaining to provision of best-quality public service at Hyderabad and TandoAdam stations be submitted to the DS office so that the same could be provided at the earliest” directed the DS.