SUKKUR: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice President and the leader of opposition in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that the federal government was giving ample funds for development of Sindh and the visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday would unveil a package for Sindh.


Addressing a press conference at IBA Sukkur, he said that the federal government gave Sindh Rs60 billion during trying times. He said Ihsas cash fund money was still being distributed. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan would announce a Sindh package in Sukkur and would also visit Karachi.


He said federal minister Asad Umar had visited different areas and he was visiting Sindh for mega projects. He said the federal government was going to give the people of Sindh what they were not given by Sindh government during last 13 years.


Haleem said that in Sindh, jobless youth were being given loans up to Rs1 million. He said cash assistance is being given to 1.9 million beneficiaries of Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program. He said two installments of Rs6000 are being paid in one go. He said the federal government had given a package of Rs60 billion to the masses through utility stores.


He said he would like to ask the government of Sindh what it had done for poor masses. He said the corruption mafia got CNICs from poor masses in the name of ration and tractors were obtained on these cards on cheap rates and sold in Punjab on higher rates. He said this mega corruption was also done by the Omni Group. He said a reference is being filed in this regard.


He said we will take in confidence all stakeholders and give full relief to public. He said in Karachi there was no say of PTI but today we have elected MPs in the megacity.


He said billions were spent in Sukkur but still heaps of garbage are present in Sukkur. He said funds of billions of rupees were spent in irrigation department but only some favorite families were benefited.


Haleem said they would also meet with the intellectuals of GDA and discuss the problems of masses with them. He said Kamyab Jawan Scholarship programs were running successfully. He said tomorrow the people of Sukkur would welcome Imran Khan. He said during last 13 years, Rs7880 billion came to Sindh, but no development was seen in Sindh anywhere. He said P and D department had given a report that out of Rs700 billion uplift budget, Rs600 billion were actually spent and out of them Rs267 billion went to the pockets of corruption mafia.


He said we will give projects for the benefit of people only. He said Sindh is the province that passed the Pakistan resolution. He said 65percent revenue is generated from Sindh but still Karachi is a Katchra Kundi. He said 70 percent people of Sindh drink contiminated water and catch diseases. He said measles, AIDS, hepatitis and other diseases are spreading fast in Sindh. He said the Sain government has stopped children vaccination project and for last 8 months no vaccination of children is done in the province.


Haleem said that lawlessness was increasing in Sindh after 2019 Police Order and all policing power were now actually with the CM House. He said SHOs were posted on demand of PPP local leaders and SSPs on demand of PPP ministers. He said Sindh police was serving political people and they had no concern for the poor masses.


He said if opposition and journalist community raise voice against rulers, their voice is muzzled. He said he wanted that he should be booked in cases in every district so that he could go there and meet with public there. He said tomorrow would bring a new day in Sindh. He said: “We will not leave alone the people of Sindh.