Entire Nation has rejected protest by The Frustrated and Defeated Elements: Marriyum

Islamabad, January 17, 2018 (PPI-OT):The entire nation has rejected the protest by the frustrated elements which were defeated by the performance of the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif. This was stated by the minister of state for Information, Broadcasting, National History and Literary Heritage Ms. Marriyum Aurangzeb while talking to the media at Pakistan National Council of Arts here today. The minister said that she challenged the political cousins to tell the nation about any project that they had completed during the last four and half years. She said that match fixing would not work anymore and after the 2018 elections the party that would win the franchise of the People would form the next government.

The minister observed that the collusion between the political cousins was against development and service to the people. She however asserted with confidence that the senate and general elections would be held on time. Marriyum said that had the political cousins worked in their respective provinces with the same enthusiasm that they showed in building the container after every two years, the people who voted on their false promises would have felt elated. The minister said that from now onward the politics would be based on performance like the former Prime Minister who ended load shedding, checked terrorism in its tracks, built a network of roads and gave the gift of CPEC to strengthen and stabilize the economy adding that no government before him had delivered that kind of performance.

She said that the constitutional institutions of the state should take notice of the hate speeches against elected government and those who attacked the parliament and PTV must be punished for their crime. She said that the container had been embellished for fear of Nawaz Sharif and doing so only four month before elections raised a question mark on it. Replying a question the minister said that the people were watching the game of puppets on their TV screens by the elements defeated by the performance of the former Prime Minister and Chief Minister who were enacting that drama on the urging of the unknown fortune tellers.

Marriyum said that it was regrettable that the containers were sometimes built for sit-in at the D Chowk against the elected government and at some other time were prepared for incidents of model Town and Kasur. She said what kind of Ehtesab and accountability is it that Qadri comes to Pakistan at a specifically determined time? The minister said it would work no more and nobody would be allowed to do politics on different pretexts. Marriyum said that Nawaz Sharif had fulfilled all the pledges that he made with the people during the last four and half years. She said that 11000 MW of electricity had been added to the national grid and more power project would come on stream during 2018. She said that under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif the federal government had also undertaken the tasks which were supposed to be done by the provincial governments.

The minister said that those doing the politics of containers should also take them to their own provinces and tell the people what had they done in regards to the pledges on which they obtained their votes. She said that the gathering of the political cousins at Lahore was not regarding Model Town episode but was for political purposes. She remarked that even the corner meetings of the councillors were attended by more people than the rally of the cousins. The MOS said that the success of the PML (N) in the Chakwal by-elections was a glad tiding for the triumph of PML (N) in Punjab, KPK, Sind, Balochistan Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan in 2018 elections under the stewardship of Nawaz Sharif.

The minister pointed that Zardari who was sitting on the container knew well that justice had not been done so far to those who were affected by the Baldia factory episode. Marriyum said that during the democratic era when the parliament was going through the process of passing the electoral reforms bill and the delimitation bill, Imran never showed up to participate in it. She said that 200 million people of Pakistan would not allow anybody to conduct a night raid against democracy. Later talking to a private TV channel the minister said that the power show by the opposition parties in Lahore for which they had been preparing for the last four month was a complete flop. She said that all TV channels were showing the flop show from different angles that clearly showed the empty chairs in the arena.

The minister said that it indicated that the people of Lahore and Pakistan had endorsed the performance of former Prime Minister and the present PML (N) government. The minister remarked that the political cousins had made desperate efforts to derail democratic system but their attempt had been thwarted by the people of Pakistan. The minister said that 2018 was the election year and after four month the people would elect their representative through a democratic process which was the democratic way forward. She said that the alliance between the cousins was for clinching power but the politics in the country had changed and it would have to be conducted on the basis of performance.

The minister said that the people were comparing the performance of the present government with the previous governments and if the performance of the Punjab government was compared with other province a pronounced difference would be visible because the province has achieved tremendous prosperity. Marriyum said that in the public rallies held at night there were more lights than the people and if they had to hold the public rallies they should do it in the day light like Nawaz Sharif where a sea of people were visible all around.

Replying a question she said that the Lahore show by the opposition had flopped completely as there were more people on the stage than in the arena which was a ranting testimony of their failure. The minister said that the people were fed up with the negative politics of the opposition. She said that democracy would complete its ten year tenure without any disturbance which would not only reinforce democracy itself but also strengthen Pakistan.

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