Establishment of food testing labs termed a milestone

RAWALPINDI: Sindh Food Authority (SFA) marked a significant milestone with the inauguration of the SFA Food Testing Lab in Tando Jam.

According to a handout on Wednesday, this initiative stems from ongoing Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) between seven institutions, including the Agriculture University Tando Jam, focused on enhancing food science laboratories and providing internship training for students in the Food Sciences Department.

Under these MoUs, various universities with Food Sciences departments are set to undergo upgrades, facilitated by national and international donor agencies in collaboration with the SFA. These upgraded facilities, including the newly inaugurated lab in Tando Jam, will serve as district food testing labs and support the research efforts of the SFA in the domains of food safety and hygiene.

This development was lauded by the Dr. Fateh Mari , Vice Chancellor of Agriculture University, Tando Jam, recognising its potential to offer practical experience to students and faculty in the field of Food Sciences. The establishment of these labs reflects a collaborative effort towards advancing research and ensuring the highest standards in food safety.