EU Disinfo Lab uncovers real dirty face of India: Ali Raza Syed

Brussels, December 11, 2020 (PPI-OT): The Chairman of Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU), Ali Raza Syed has said, by revealing facts about Indian propaganda network, the EU Disifo Lab unmasked the real dirty face of India.

Ali Raza Syed in a statement, welcoming the investigations reported by EU Disinfo Lab concerning Indian secret disinformation network in Europe, said, this is a very important development.

It is important to mention that the findings of the EU Disinfo Lab revealed that the Indian propaganda network attempted to influence European parliamentarians in Brussels and as well as UN’s Human Rights Council in Geneva. The network was trying to achieve its goals through suspected and fake NGOs, more than 700 fake media outlets and fabricated or stolen identities of other people.

He said India is creating negative impression against Pakistan for a long time as well as by the launching propaganda; it hides severe violations of human rights in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

The pro-India secret network was not only involved in negative propaganda against Pakistan but it was also keeping atrocities committed by the Indian forces in IIOJK out of sight of the world. Reality is that falsehood cannot prevail for a long time. It should be uncovered and unveiled sooner or later.

Ali Raza Syed said, since last year by revoking the special status of IIOJK, India increased its brutal acts of state terrorism in the territory and the people of Kashmir are even deprived of their basic rights. Not only the people of IIOJK but lower castes and religious minorities in India are also not safe from the Indian state brutalities, he added.

The KC-EU Chairman urged the international community and especially the European Union not to be impressed by the Indian propaganda.

Ali Raza Syed stressed that he and his organization, KC-EU, would continue efforts to defuse the disinformation and negative Indian propaganda and would raise the voice against the Indian atrocities in the occupied territory.

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