Ex-Punjab education minister Murad Raas quits PTI

LAHORE:Former Punjab education minister Murad Raas Friday announced parting ways with ex-PM Imran Khan.

“We have decided to quit Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf,” teary-eyed Raas said while addressing a press conference along with Yawar Kamal, Pir Ahmad Khagga, and Chaudhry Adnan in Lahore.

The ex-minister said a group of like-minded people is in the making to accomplish the betterment mission and the doors is open for all. No one wants to fight with institutions, he stressed adding that there are differences of opinion and problems can be resolved by talks

Raas also blamed PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s “advisors” in Lahore for bringing the party to where it is today. Raas also that he never expected to see a day when he would be parting ways with Imran.