President Pakistan Agriculture and Horticulture Forum Shaikh Imtiaz Hussain said on Thursday that the coalition government had runined the hopes of the people by presenting a failed budget.

Express concern in a statement over the recent budget, he said that by imposing additional tax on exports, the development of the country was being hindered because export was the only way to get the country out of economic crises. “Traders have totally rejected the budget 2024 as it did not provide any relief to businesses including real estate and other sectors.

The sectors like agriculture that play an important role in the development of the country have also been neglected in the budget, he said and added that instead of getting relief from the current budget, their problems would increase. By imposing additional taxes on the country exports, the country would suffer more difficulties instead of getting out of crises.

Hussain said that instead of increasing the tax net in the recent budget, the hands of the bureaucracy were strengthened, which would burden the tax filers with more taxes, he observed. “Industries and factories will be forced to move to other countries while in the present era business friendly policies need to be introduced.”

Hussain said that the government should consider the suggestions of economists and the business community for making the budget because the business community is the backbone of the country’s development.