Father, son gunned down over old enmity in Shikarpur

SHIKARPUR:A man and his son were shot dead at their residential property following an old rivalry in Shikarpur district on Sunday.

The incident was reported at Mangat Wah - a village located within the precincts of Nabi Bakhsh Waggan police station - after which the attackers managed to flee the scene. Police said the victims have been identified as Phalwan Mandhrani and Mehar Mandhrani. The killings were seemingly a result of an old rivalry between two groups of Mandhrani tribe, however they had started investigating the matter, the police added.

The upper parts of Sindh are notorious for the killings related to tribal and family conflicts as well as family honour. In one of such incidents that gained media attention, Dr Mohammad Ajmal Sawand, a teacher associated with the Institute of Business Administration, was gunned down over “honour” in April this year.

At that time, the police said the killing followed a rivalry between two groups of Sundrani and Sawand clans on a matter of honour in Kandhkot district.