Father throws his blue-eyed daughter into Indus River

LARKANA: The 8-year-old girl Naveela, daughter of Naveed Khuhawar, who mysteriously disappeared a few months ago from the Daya Chowk area of Allahabad police station jurisdiction, took a new turn when It was revealed by her own father that he threw her alive into the Indus River.

In this connection, the police have arrested Naveed Khuhawar, the father of the girl, who has confessed to the crime with an extremely shocking story. Police sources said that the girl Naveela was missing since October last year, whose relatives had protested to help in the search for the girl. The Chief Justice of the Sindh High Court also took notice of her missing and called for a detailed report after which investigation was accelerated in which the girl's father and some other relatives were detained and interrogated.

Naveed confessed to the police that he threw his beautiful daughter with blue eyes into the Indus River alive as she was from his first wife along with a son whom he had divorced, He further told them that he later got married again and his second wife did not tolerate the children of his first wife. He said that so he handed over his son to his sister for upbringing and nobody was ready to raise his daughter. The accused father further alleged that his second wife had threatened to leave me if his blue-eyed daughter was not taken care of as she cannot tolerate anymore. Finding no other way out, he told the probing police, he threw the innocent girl into the river and remained silent.