Fatima murder case: Hina Shah, Fayyaz Shah produced in ATC

KHAIRPUR:Key accused of Fatima murder case, Fayyaz Shah and Hina Shah, were produced in anti-terrorism court on Wednesday,

Fayyaz Shah was produced before the ATC after conclusion of his four days’ physical remand. Prime accused Assad Shah and Mansoor Meerasi will be produced in court after completion of their remand period.

The prosecution has sought physical remand of accused Hina Shah, who was produced in the court today, DSP Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) Abdul Quddus Kalhwar said.

Investigation officer of the case said that Hina Shah had voluntarily surrendered in the case. “She is wife of main accused Assad Shah and daughter of Fayyaz Shah,” CTD officer said.

Hina Shah, a prime accused in minor maid Fatima Phuriro murder case on Tuesday surrendered to police.

SSP Samiullah Soomro said Hina Shah, surrendered due to consistent police raids for her arrest. She was moved to the women’s police station from where she was presented before the court for remand today.

Ten-year-old Fatima had died in the Haveli of Asad Shah and the video of her death went viral on social media.

The postmortem report confirmed that the minor maid was sexually abused.